LA’s Jake Muir drops ambient album inspired by Californian surf rock

The beach is never far from this boy.

Jake Muir, who previously released on Further Records and Touch, sometimes under the Monadh moniker, has released a new ambient album entitled Lady’s Mantle.

It’s Muir’s first proper album under his own name and eschews synthesis in favor of sample manipulation. His source material? Classic ’60s surf-rock, that’s channeled into hazy ambient zones bringing to mind Andrew Pekler, Philip Jeck, Gas or Pinkcourtesyphone.

The record is another essential release from sferic, the label responsible for releasing Space Afrika’s acclaimed Somewhere Decent To Live earlier this year.

Lady’s Mantle is available now at Boomkat.


01. ‘High Tide’
02. ‘Lapis Lazuli’
03. ‘Shoal’
04. ‘Yaupon’
05. ‘Peacock’s Tail’
06. ‘Green Eyes’
07. ‘Buoy’
08. ‘Drifter’
09. ‘Lanterns Below’

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