Photo by: Roland US

Nope, you still can’t play them.

The iconic Japanese instrument manufacturer Roland has once again teamed up with German sportswear brand Puma to bring drum machine nerds everywhere the perfect footwear.

Having rebooted their Running System line earlier this year with a shoe inspired by the legendary drum machine, the RS-0 Roland, Puma have announced a second gear-inspired show, the RS-100 Roland. See photos of both shoes below.

Photography by: Roland US


Whilst the RS-0 is “a complete reboot of PUMA’s classic ‘80s R-System line of running sneakers”, the RS-100 “retains a more retro look but decked in modern materials”.

Both shoes will be released globally on 808 day, August 8. Check out our review of Roland’s newest drum machine, the Roland TR-8S.

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