Photo by: Dorothy Studio

The sprawling history of dance music mapped out on the circuit board of a 303 bass synthesizer.

Dorothy Studio has produced an ‘Acid House Love Blueprint’ visualizing the history of dance music and rave culture, featuring over 900 DJs, clubs, parties, sound systems, radio stations and fanzines essential to the development of acid house.

The print is available to purchase at the Dorothy store, and is available in either Royal Blue, or Factory Yellow. Check out some pictures of the exhaustive blueprint.

The blueprint is organised around key scenes (Chicago house, Detroit techno, London acid house), clubs (The Haçienda, Shoom, Berghain), DJs (Frankie Knuckles, The Belleville Three, Paul Oakenfield) and groups (Phuture, 808 States, New Order)  in the evolution of acid house and it’s effect on dance music and rave culture.

It also features definitive moments (Second Summer of Love, Castlemorton, Criminal Justice Act) and essential labels (Trax, R&S, Warp) that were pivotal in the expansion and circulation of acid house in wider dance music circles.

The ‘Acid House Love Blueprint’ is available at Dorothy Studio. Be sure to listen to the four-hour acid megamix that Posthuman, who feature on the blueprint, produced for FACT below.

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