Power electronics meet black metal guitars for the duo’s intense debut.

Jack Adams, AKA Mumdance, and former Altar Of Plagues member James Kelly, AKA WIFE, have dropped the debut EP from their collaborative electronic metal project, Bliss Signal.

Out now on True Panther Sounds, Drift combines distorted guitar with walls of euphoric synth for a propulsive sound that is at once dissonant and ecstatic.

“I come from an electronic background and love metal and James comes from a metal background and loves electronic music,” Adams tells FACT.

“Since meeting we have always talked about working together, but it took a little while to work out how we could fuse these sounds in a way that felt tasteful and like a worthwhile addition to metal canon.”

Cover Art by Andrea Buzzichelli

For Kelly, Bliss Signal was the inspiration for him to return to the metal genre. “Jack reinvigorated my interest in metal,” he says. “Something at one point I wasn’t sure I wanted to make again”.

Drift is available to stream and download now, via True Panther Sounds. Check out the links and tracklist below.

01. ‘Bliss Signal’
02. ‘Swarm’
03. ‘4AM Drift’

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