Image via: Ecstatic Recordings

“Greek pop, soused in distress and flipped in dub”.

Jay Glass Dubs will return to Ecstatic Recordings for the release of his next LP, a five-track collection of new material called Plegnic.

According to a press release, the album sees the Greek producer – who combines Jamaican dub influences with musique concrète techniques – evolve his sound with “richer melodic and harmonic arrangements”.

The album features vocals from Yorgia Karydi, a “former beau of his childhood neighbour” and his friend (and cover art designer) Andreas Kassapis alongside an “array of nostalgic, melancholic Laïka samples”.

The album, which is released on September 7, is the first LP of new material for Ecstatic since last year’s Dubs, a collection of early tape releases.

Listen to opening track ‘Temple Dub’ and revisit Jay Glass Dubs’ FACT mix below.


01. ‘Temple Dub’
02. ‘Umbro Dub’
03. ‘Mouthless Dub’
04. ‘Dry Dub’
05. ‘Fearless Dub’

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