Listen to Yves Tumor’s new album now.

Yves Tumor has released his new album Safe In The Hands Of Love, his first since signing to Warp.

The surprise drop follows the previously released singles ‘Noid’ and ‘Licking An Orchid’, both of which showcased a surprising indie pop direction from the artist, whose 2016 album Serpent Music arrived on PAN.

As well as a collaboration with James K on ‘Licking An Orchid’, the album features guest spots from Puce Mary, Croation Amor and Oxhy.

The album is available to buy digitally and stream from today (September 5). Physical copies (2LP and CD) will arrive on October 12. Listen to the album via Apple Music below.


01. ‘Faith In Nothing Except In Salvation’
02. ‘Economy of Freedom’
03. ‘Honesty’
04. ‘Noid’
05. ‘Licking an Orchid’ ft James K
06. ‘Lifetime’
07. ‘Hope in Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness)’ ft. Oxhy, Puce Mary
08. ‘Recognizing the Enemy’
09. ‘All The Love We Have Now’
10. ‘Let The Lioness In You Flow Freely’

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