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Deep Inside: September 2018’s must-hear house and techno playlist

With hundreds of records released each week, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on in dance music. Thankfully, FACT’s Deep Inside column is back in the form of a new playlist, delivering all of our favorite house, techno, electro, disco and rave tracks from the past month straight to your ears.

This month’s playlist starts a track from the Workshop label’s 25th release, a six-track EP from German DJ and producer Dirk Mantei aka D-Man – his first since 1997. Mantei isn’t the only ’90s artist making an appearance month: Finnish electro duo Mr. Velcro Fastener (who have been quietly releasing records during electro’s wilderness years) released a rare 12″ on Electrix Records as well.

Other highlights this month include Marie Davidson’s first single for Ninja Tune, Toma Kami’s delightfully weird house for Livity Sound, Asquith’s thumping ‘The Conditioning Track’ and certified bangers from Stratton, Nautiluss, Hugo Massien, Scan 7, Legowelt and Dan Snazelle, another killer producer brought to my attention by Jacktone, a Detroit label that’s been on an absolute roll this year.

As we move into the month’s more experimental tracks, there’s a dubbed-out remix of Sim Hutchins by object blue, unpredictable algorave beats from Renick Bell (whose recent tape on Seagrave is a must-listen), pulsating rhythm structures from SHXCXCHCXSH and scorched earth electro from Hiro Kone’s excellent new album on Dais, Pure Expenditure.

As always, there are a few vinyl-only releases that can’t be featured on the playlist. First is the latest release from London’s Future Primitive, a two-track 12″ from Charles Noel aka Archetype, a veteran Ohio producer undergoing a reappraisal. Another recommendation is Specter’s Built To Last on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, a debut album that covers everything from dubby house to synthwave experiments.

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01. D Man – ‘Untitled A2’ [Workshop]
02. Toma Kami – ‘Land of the Insane’ [Livity Sound]
03. Chaos In The CBD – ‘Double Dribble’ [In Dust We Trust]
04. Kornél Kovács – ‘On Roofs’ [Studio Barnhus]
05. Scan 7 – ‘Here After’ [Transmat]
06. Mr. Velcro Fastener – ‘Bakteriofag’ [Electrix Records]
07. Marie Davidson – ‘So Right’ [Ninja Tune]
08. Asquith – ‘The Conditioning Track (North London Mix)’ [Asquith]
09. Stratton – ‘Out There’ [Unknown to the Unknown]
10. Nautiluss – ‘Liquid Sky’ [Seilscheibenpfeiler]
11. Hugo Massien – ‘Alien Shapes’ [E-Beamz]
12. Legowelt – ‘Omnibus Babylon’ [Clone West Coast Series]
13. Dan Snazelle – ‘Broken Saucer’ [Jacktone Records]
14. Nullptr – ‘Skyline’ [CPU Records]
15. Sim Hutchins – ‘Dumped By Pirate Radio’ (object blue remix) [Local Action]
16. Renick Bell – ‘Acquiring Discipline’ [Seagrave]
17. SHXCXCHCXSH – ‘Shulululu’ [Avian]
18. Borusiade – ‘Forwarned is Forearmed’ [Unterton]
19. Hiro Kone – ‘Scotch Yoke pt I & II’ [Dais]
20. Don’t DJ – ‘Veles’ (NWAQ 451 Dub) [Berceuse Heroique]

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