Listen to ‘Kollu l-Joloud’, featuring Mecca-based vocalist MSYMLA, now.

Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer ZULI has announced the release of his debut album Terminal via Lee Gamble’s experimental imprint UIQ.

Featuring prominent Egyptian rapper Abyusif, newcomers Abanoub, Mado $am and R-Rhyme, and the Mecca-based vocalist MSYLMA, the project is a highly personal statement about the producer’s unique experiences living in Cairo.

“In a world that feels like it’s regressing into tribalism, many of us who don’t fit into any one specific group identity feel sidelined at best.” the producer says in a statement accompanying the announcement.

“I am often approached with a preconceived notion of pretty much everything from my influences and taste to my politics and lifestyle, solely based on my nationality…Ever since this came to my attention I have been making a point to be as vocal as possible about how unfair that is”.

Terminal will be released on November 2 via UIQ. Check out the album art and tracklist below, and be sure to revisit ZULI’s brain-melting mix for FACT.


01. ‘Nari’ (ft. Abyusif, Mado $am, Abanob, R-Rhyme)
02. ‘Archimedes’ (ft. Abyusif)
03. ‘Bump’
04. ‘Wreck’
05. ‘He’s Hearing Voices’
06. ‘Stacks & Arrays’
07. ‘Kollu l-Joloud’ (ft. MSYLMA)
08. ‘Akhtuboot’ (ft. Abyusif)
09. ‘Mazen’ (ft. Abyusif)
10. ‘Follow Your Breath’
11. ‘Ana Ghayeb’ (ft. Mado $am, Abanob, Abyusif)
12. ‘In Your Head’
13. ‘Vulnerbody’
14. ‘Continue’

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