All proceeds will go towards two artists facing deportation.

Artists including Aïsha Devi, RAMZI, Bergsonist and many more have contributed tracks to Dimseniya, a benefit compilation in aid of two Brooklyn artists currently facing deportation.

The purpose of the compilation is to raise funds to aid two Brooklyn artists who are currently facing deportation. All proceeds will go towards securing lawyers and bond fees. As this is an ongoing legal process, the identities of the two artists must remain anonymous.

“We present to you this compilation as an entreaty, pledge, and salve”, says a statement on the compilation Bandcamp page.

“We are preparing these funds and ourselves for a long, arduous fight. May this music also uplift you during these dark times — we know everyone could use a bit of healing right now.”

Dimseniya is available now. Check out the cover art, tracklist and revisit Aïsha Devi’s off-the-wall FACT mix below.


01. Yahceph – ‘Tru’
02. DS – ‘Body’
03. Bergsonist – ‘We are all immigrants’
04. Perception – ‘NYSC’
05. Maymind – ‘Reckless Endangerment’
06. RAMZI – ‘Sarazin’
07. Aïsha Devi – ‘Solar Isis’
08. Sainte Nitouche – ‘T’
09. softcoresoft – ’87’
10. Jorge Velez – ‘Grey Deal’
11. Skinnybones – ‘NightPitch’
12. El-B – ‘Imagine Us’
13. Teleself – ‘Mayday’
14. Certain Creatures – ‘All Circles Vanish’
15. The Dag – ‘Echoes of Grit’
16. Significant Other – ‘Untitled’
17. John Shape – ‘We All Just a Pack of Wolves’
18. Anabasine – ‘Intercity Express’
19. Noyz II Men – ‘Tatake’
20. S. Knoll – ‘Oceans’
21. Nihiti – ‘Cut from the Symbol’
22. Excalibur – ‘Patcool (909 Mix)’
23. Rhythm Phazer -‘ Glow’

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