Listen to the dreamy ‘Indefatigable Purple’ below.

Experimental composer Felicia Atkinson and drone master Jefre Cantu-Ledesma have teamed up for a second time for Limpid As The Solitudes, their new album on Shelter Press.

The album draws inspiration from the films of Wong Kar Wai and Tarkovsky, as well as the poems of Sylvia Plath – from which the album and track titles take their names. According to a press release, Atkinson and Cantu-Ledesma describe the record’s four ambient compositions as postcards, or, in their words, “vessels communicating in dreams”.

The collaborative LP follows the duo’s 2016 album Comme Un Seul Narcisse, the duo’s first release for Shelter Press, and serves as a more meditative, dream-like exploration into ambient electronic composition and musique concrète.

Earlier this year Atkinson released Coyotes, an EP inspired by trip to New Mexico, while last year Cantu-Ledesma released the shoegaze-influenced On the Echoing Green

Limpid As The Solitudes arrives on November 9 via Shelter Press. Check out the album artwork, featuring photography by Julien Carren,  and tracklist below.


01. ‘And The Flowers Have Time For Me’
02. ‘Her Eyelids Say’
03. ‘Indefatigable Purple’
04. ‘All Night I Carpenter’

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