The NYC producer and chef will release her first full-length EP on Anthony Naples’ label.

Incienso, the New York label founded by Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery, will release the debut EP of experimental producer Kiki Kudo, the founder of NYC vegan bento restaurant CHISO.

Kudo has been DJing in New York and Tokyo for a number of years but only started producing music in 2017. She describes the EP as a collection of “Nanotech Pop, Synth Jams, Kitchen Wave, and Listening Techno”.

The EP follows the inclusion of Kudo’s track ‘Freakey Ke Ke’ on Physical Therapy and Discwoman’s compilation Physically Sick 2, as well as a her Mineral Sequences mixtape on Good Morning Tapes. Kudo is also working on a cookbook, which is dropping soon, and runs a weekly dinner club, inviting a mix of guests who’ve never met to interact over food.

This year, Incienso has released essential projects from Technofeminism resident Beta Librae and experimental duo People Plus.

Splashing arrives on November 9 via Incienso. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


A1. ‘The Secret Bedside Track’
A3. ‘Gadget & Co.’
B1. ‘Interactive Gee’
B2. ‘City Neo Neon’

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