A host of FACT favorites has been confirmed for the festival’s 2018 edition.

Demdike Stare, Aïsha Devi and GAS are amongst artists confirmed for the 2018 edition of San Francisco’s Recombinant festival, which takes place between November 26 and December 2 at the Grand Theater.

They join FACT favorites Hiro Kone, Rrose and Drew McDowall – who will perform COIL’s Time Machines as well as a solo show – as well as local acts Infrasound and Michael Gendreau for six days of immersive, audiovisual performance.

Many of the acts and artworks featured at Recombinant 2018 will be presented as a fully multi-dimensional, multi-channel A/V experience.

Recombinant Media Labs is renowned for a technology called the “CineChamber”, which can be “played” or “manipulated” as an AV instrument”, explains the Recombinant website, providing “international artists the opportunity to take their creative impulse to the furthest frontiers of aural, optical and film collage languages.”

Festival passes and individual showcase tickets are available now. Check out the list of confirmed acts below.

Recombinant 2018 confirmed acts:

Aïsha Devi
Craig Dorety
Demdike Stare w/ Michael England
Drew McDowall (solo)
Drew McDowall presents COIL’s Time Machines
Electric Indigo
Herman Kolgen
Hiro Kone
Li Alin
Marcus Schmickler
Michael Gendreau
People Like Us
Ulf Langheinrich

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