The project aims “to recognize the importance of discussing where things come from as well as what they end up becoming.”

Brooklyn-based apparel line HECHA / 做 and creative agency Grit have teamed up for Make Techno Black Again, a project celebrating the origins of the genre, as well as its roots in cities like Detroit and the African-American working class experience.

MTBA has released a specially-designed hat, which is available to purchase now, and has commissioned a mix from rhythmanalyst and media theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr., AKA Speaker Music, which “is designed to be a self-reflective and non-linear tour of Detroit techno as a machine of momentum and an expansion of black music with the aid of newly acquired technology. ”

The collaboration is described in a press release as “a project of reinstatement”. Furthermore, 20 percent of revenue will being donated Detroit-based youth arts non-profit Living Arts Detroit.

Visit the Make Techno Black Again website for more details.

Make Techno Black Again tracklist:

Detroit in Effect – ‘Nothing’s like Detroit (The Recession)’
Sourced Audio #1: ‘Documentary on Detroit by Ford Motors’
Sourced Audio #2: ‘How Detroit Became a Warzone’
Rhythm is Rhythm – ‘It is What it is’
The Shadow – ‘Free as You Want to Be’
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – ‘Body and Soul’
Model 500 – ‘Techno Music (M500 Version)’
Sourced Audio #3 / #4: ‘DJ Rolando / Terrence Parker’
Underground Resistance – ‘Greater Than Yourself’
DJ Stingray – ‘Cognitive Load Theory’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Superior Race’
Theo Parrish – ‘Any Other Styles?’
The Deacon – ‘Fuji’
Mad Mike – ‘Attack of the Samurai’
Drexciya – ‘Aqua Jujitsu’
Kyle Hall – ‘Body of Water’
Drexciya – ‘Black Sea (Aqualung Version)’
Transllusion – ‘Disrupted Neural Gateway’
Underground Resistance – ‘Kill My Radio Station’
KMFH – ‘Flemmenup’
The Detroit Escalator Co. – ‘Mandela / Toronto’
Underground Resistance – ‘Base Camp Alpha 808’
AUX 88 – ‘Direct Drive’
Urban Tribe – ‘Sophistry’
DJ Assault – ‘Accelerated Funk’
Sourced Audio #5: ‘Mad Mike’
Mystic Tribe AI – ‘Telepathic Seduction’
Terrence Dixon – ‘Dark City of Hope’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Isotropy’
NRSB-11 – ‘6231-478 3’
Source Audio #6: ‘Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Mad Mike aka Underground Resistance Live in New York at Limelight (1992)’

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