Impey comes through. 

For the past year it’s been non-stop for regular NTS host and Astral Black signee Impey. Fresh off this year’s Red Bull Music academy in Berlin and having released his EP The Deluge on his own label Ghost Notes, the London producer is back with a new mix entitled ‘Versions’.

“My interest was sparked when my boy Frankie (DJ F17) played me Alozade’s ‘Phenominal’ which had the instrumental ‘Double Jeopardy Riddim’ on the flip. I was making a lot of 100bpm music around that time and was instantly drawn to how fresh it sounded for its age,” Impey tells FACT.

“The collection itself started when I was in DNR Vinyl. Dan (the owner of DNR), mentioned he had a stack of new Dancehall 7”s. I listened through the whole lot of 50 or so records one by one. After that I spent the last couple of years building the collection”

“Some of the cuts that are 25 or so years old from 1992 – 2002. I’ve played in sets and they don’t sound out of place at all (apart from the obvious surface noise in most of these).”


A. Riley – ‘Brave Heart’
A. Bradford – ‘Killa Wasp’
Mark (Stone Cold) Hudson – ‘The Verdict’
L (Flabba) Malcom – ‘Hurricane Riddim’
Cecile & Scatta – ‘(Double Jeopardy) Leftside Esco’
C. Birch – ‘Sexy Lady’
H. Hart – ‘Saddam Rhythm’
Bulby (Fatta) & Karl Toppin – ‘Feel Seh’
Dannie Brownie – ‘Unknown’
A. Wilson – ‘Stop Cry Mama’
C. James (CJ) – ‘Robbery’
A. (Suku) Gray & K. McCarthy – ‘Dog Pound’
Explorer Productions – ‘Explorer Family (Special Mix)’
A. Martin – ‘Trouble Trouble’
Unknown – ‘Impeachment Niko’
How You Fi & Say Dat Posse – ‘(Jazzwad) Red Rose Jam’
Lloyd James Jnr (John John & Teetimus) – ‘Needle Eye’
E. Farquharson & M. (Satchell) Farquharson – ‘Good Princess’
I. Laing – ‘Butterfly’
A. Anderson & D. Campbell – ‘New Thing’
J. Hines & C. Hines – ‘Peppers Riddim’
I. Laing – ‘Head Over Heels’
Sly Dunbar O.D & C. Birch – ‘Corners Boy’
M. (Mighty Mike) Jones (Steelie & Cleevie) – ‘Red Alert’
Augustus Pablo – ‘Belly Rat Riddim’

Artwork by Impey

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