The company behind the Berghain-inspired card game have been ordered to pay €15,000 in damages to the iconic doorman Sven Marquardt.

Swedish games company Beware of Ninja have been successfully sued over their Berghian-inspired card game Bergnein by iconic bouncer and photographer Sven Marquardt, reports SVT.

The company were taken to Gothenburg District Court over the use of Marquardt’s likeness without his permission. Prior to the court hearing, the company were ordered to change the name of the card game from Berghain Ze Game and came under criticism from using imagery from the famous club.

“Satire is dead in Sweden”, said game developer Alexander Kandiloros, “I can not interpret the sentence differently. It is so extreme that it even requires us to destroy all the copies we have left of our satirical press freedom-protected works”.

Beware of Ninja must not only pay court costs, but have been ordered to cease production of the game and destroy all copies it has in its possession.

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