Listen to the new single ‘City of Hope’ now.

Norwegian artist Susanna has revealed details about her 13th album, Garden of Earthly Delights,  which takes inspiration from a selection of paintings by medieval Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch.

For the new album Susanna has put together a new group of musicians, The Brotherhood of Our Lady – named after the religious organisation that sponsored Bosch – comprised of members of bands such as Skadedyr, Stina Stjern, Listen to Girl and Propan.

Speaking about drawing inspiration from the Dutch artist, Susanna explained: “While this is not a soundtrack to his paintings, I feel a resemblance between the absurdity in his pictures and today’s existence.”

“This album is about exclusion in various senses, wandering and seeking something else within or outside yourself, the beauty of life, overconsumption, capitalism tied together with religious mythical and occult images and symbols.”

Garden of Earthly Delights arrives on February 22 via the artist’s own SusannaSonata label. Check out the album artwork, tracklist and re-visit Susanna’s stunning mix for FACT, below.


01. ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’
02. ‘Wayfarer’
03. ‘Ecstasy X’
04. ‘Death and the Miser’
05. ‘Ship of Fools’
06. ‘Ecstasy’
07. ‘Wilderness’
08. ‘Wayfarer II’
09. ‘Gluttony and Lust’
10. ‘Beautiful Life’
11. ‘By Earth and Starry Heaven’
12. ‘City of Hope’
13. ‘River to Hell’
14. ‘Gathering of Birds’

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