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The Warp duo hid a 444-clip YouTube playlist in the ‘About’ section of their Bleep page.

Autechre have uploaded a 13-hour video playlist to YouTube. The link to the playlist – which has since been removed – was discovered hidden in the ‘About’ section of their Bleep page, reports Resident Advisor.

The videos date back to January of this year, with user ‘XH HX’ uploading the first video on January 20, 2018. Each of the videos contain Autechre patches accompanied by visuals that seem to reference the Star Gate sequence from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The discovery follows the duo’s early Christmas present to fans, when last week they shared Quaristice-era live set files for Elektron, Nord and MPC. Check out the various comments sections of the videos for lively speculation about just what’s going on here.

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