Photo by: Marie Staggat

“Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music”.

UK techno producer Blawan and Italian hardware aficionados The Analogue Cops have reunited as Parassela for a corporate culture-skewering new EP, HFFKEM (Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music).

The four-track project will be released next month by Berlin-based label Overdraw, who describe the release as “an infuriated conglomerate of liquefied analogue leads, rotten oppressive drums and trenchant FM drubbings”.

Since 2012 the trio have released projects on Vae Victis Records and their own, self-titled imprint. HFFKEM follows last year’s Flunkey EP, which appeared on The Analogue Cops’ own label, Restoration Records.

Hedge Fund Festivals Kill Electronic Music arrives on December 17 on 12″ vinyl. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


A1. ‘Hate T Tausend’
A2. ‘Yzzod’
B1. ‘Somor’
B2. ‘Influence Me’

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