The reimagined version of the app arrives on the 10th anniversary of the original Bloom.

Ambient pioneer Brian Eno has reunited with musician and software designer Peter Chilvers to reimagine their 2008 generative music app Bloom.

Bloom: 10 Worlds features a simplified interface, a broader palette of sounds and images that can be experienced via 10 new ‘worlds’. For the first time, it’s compatible with Android as well as iOS.

Sounds are generated when the user taps the screen and a generative music player takes over when the app is left idle, which is capable of producing an infinite number of compositions and accompanying visualisations.

Bloom: 10 Worlds will be available to pre-order at the Generative Music website from November 27 before the app is released on December 7. The app will cost $4.99/£4.99 on pre-order and weekend of release, and $7.99/£7.99 thereafter.

See below for a gallery of some of the possible visualisations generated by the app.

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