Photo by: David Keen

Stream the South London producer’s new album below.

South London producer Dale Cornish has released a new album, Temporal, on his own label, Vanity Publishing.

The four-track LP includes ‘Exigence (For Jack)’, a piece composed for Jack Adams AKA Mumdance, ‘Repose’, a commission for Tempting Failure 2018 (which was performed in Croydon Council Chamber) and ‘Intersection’, which according to Cornish is “not a homage to the Morton Feldman piece of the same name, but does share the single use space of that piece.”

Temporal is available digitally and on cassette now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Atlantico’
02. ‘Exigence (For Jack)’
03. ‘Intersection’
04. ‘Repose’

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