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Archive#1 and the entire QNS series were uploaded to Bandcamp over the weekend.

Berlin drum ‘n’ bass mainstay Felix K has shared two collections of unreleased and rare tracks to his Bandcamp.

Archive #1, which features recordings made between 2008 and 2012, was uploaded alongside a complete collection of the producer’s sought-after QNS series, which initially received limited release in editions of 150 between 2009 and 2010.

The producer, born Felix Krone, is the co-founder of Nullpunkt and Hidden Hawaii. This year, he released the Momentum EP on Nullpunkt.

Archive#1 and QNS are both available via Felix K’s Bandcamp. Check out the cover art and tracklists for both releases below.

Archive #1 tracklist:

01. ‘Res Extensa’
02. ‘Aussenwelt’
03. ‘Res Cogitans’
04. ’11 Block Girl’
05. ‘Titan’
06. ‘Chamber One’
07. ‘The Dark Days Are Done’
08. ‘Eyecatching Girl’

QNS tracklist:

01. ‘QNS#1’
02. ‘QNS#2’
03. ‘QNS#2 Version’
04. ‘QNS#3’
05. ‘QNS#4’
06. ‘QNS#5’
07. ‘QNS#6’

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