The Creative Europe-supported platform has announced a 50:50 gender balance for its 2019 list of artists.

SHAPE, a Creative Europe-supported initiative for championing innovative music and audio-visual art, has announced its artist roster for 2019.

The platform, which is made up of a union of 16 European festivals including CTM, Insomnia and Unsound, has selected artists including Astrid Sonne, Clara!, Lucy Railton, patten, rkss, Sentimental Rave and Violet to participate in live performances, residencies, workshops and talks across SHAPE festivals and special events.

Initially intended as a three-year project, SHAPE has extended its duration to 2021 and introduced new elements to the second phase of the creative platform, allowing each SHAPE festival to select partner events individually, ensuring that SHAPE artists will perform across a wider range of European events.

For more details about the SHAPE initiative and 2019’s roster, head to its website. Check out a full list of SHAPE artists and festivals below.

SHAPE artists for 2019:

Arash Azadi (IR/AM)
Astrid Sonne (DK)
Avsluta (GB)
Balázs Pándi (HU)
Bamao Yende (FR)
Bear Bones Lay Low (BE)
Betty (FR)
Chaines (GB)
Clara! (BE)
Committee (HU/NL)
Crystallmess (FR)
Erwan Keravec (FR)
Hatis Noit (GB)
Jessica Ekomane (FR/DE)
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (PT)
Katharina Ernst (AT)
Kikimore (SI)
Lucy Railton (GB)
Lutto Lento (PL)
Lyra Pramuk (DE)
Maria W Horn (SE)
Marta SmiLga (LV)
Myako (FR)
Michela Pelusio (GR/IT)
Nina Garcia/Mariachi (FR)
Obsequies (BE)
Oceanic (NL)
Od Bongo (FR/BE)
patten (UK)
Peach (GB)
Perrine en Morceaux (FR)
Plug (FR)
Resina (PL)
rkss (GB)
Robert Curgenven (GB)
Sally Golding (UK)
Schanell (DE)
Schtum (AT)
Sentimental Rave (FR)
Soho Rezanejad (DK)
Tim Shaw (GB)
Violet (PT)
Volition Immanent/ Parrish Smith (NL)
WIDT & Christoph De Babalon (DE/PL)

SHAPE member festivals:

Biennale Némo / ARCADI – Paris, FR
CTM Festival / DISK e.V. – Berlin, DE
Cynetart Festival / TMA Hellerau e.V. – Dresden, DE
Festival Maintenant / Association Electroni[K] – Rennes, FR
Insomnia Festival / Association – Tromso, NO
Les siestes électroniques / Association Rotation – Toulouse, FR
MeetFactory – Prague, CZ
MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art – Ljubljana, SI
musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst / ORF – Graz, AT
RIAM Festival / Technè – Marseilles, FR
Rokolectiv Festival / Association – Bucharest, RO
Schiev Festival – Brussels, BE
Skaņu Mežs Festival / Association – Riga, LV
TodaysArt Festival / The Generator Foundation – The Hague, NL
UH Fest / Ultrasound Foundation – Budapest, HU
Unsound Festival / Fundacja Tone – Krakow, PL

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