“God I was drunk in 2018”.

Manchester producer LOFT has released  ell oh eff tea too oh won ate, a free compilation of all the producer’s edits and bootlegs from 2018.

The compilation includes an eviscerated Destiny’s Child remix, a Jersey club flip of ‘thank u, next’ and a jaw-dropping Carly Rae Jepsen edit.

The producer has released a short statement to accompany the compilation: “i made an album last year / but it was out of other people’s work / but i still put a lot of work in / i think / i don’t really remember / god i was drunk in 2018 / love 2 the 9s”.

ell oh eff tea too oh won ate is available for free download now via LOFT’s Bandcamp. See below for the cover art and full tracklist.


2. ‘this world is sick [ loft’s heart feels it ] [ s/o 2 ic3peak 5eva ]’
3. ‘drilltheboat [ aaliyah x moneyevery x madara ]’
4. ‘samileanspaces.wav’
5. ‘maxim elysia and trippie’
6. ‘femmebot [ sickening aching stretch ]’
7. ‘filton [ disocciative edit ]’
8. ‘tha ghost life 2k19 [ jam city x mark pritchard ]’
9. ‘F E E L I N G T H I S’
10. ‘spookie one [ jam city x headie one x mark frost ]’
11. ‘lemme c [ i made this while getting drunk in a hotel with acre’s mum edit ]’
12. ‘thenn cumbs dudleh’
13. ‘break it them also [ jana rush x evol ]’
14. ‘moonlighting’
15. ‘boiz’
16. ‘in 2 u’
17. ‘i know tsundoku [ lxc x odeko ]’
18. ‘thank u , next [ salford girls club flip ]’
19. ‘iinnnn mm m my y yy ww wwaa y yyy’

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