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Bizaarbazaar’s new compilation comes as a T-shirt with a download code.

Bookworms, Isabella, Sha Sha Kimbo, Speaker Music and Via App are just some of the artists featured on the expansive second compilation from Bizaarbazaar, the independent music platform and multimedia research studio founded by Discwoman affiliate Bergsonist.

The compilation features the work of over 40 artists, each of which was asked to respond to the themes of “Sonic Fragments” and “Rhythmic Weaponry”. Listen to a mix from Bergsonist featuring clips from the compilation below.

The compilation will be released on February 2, both as a radio transmission on NTS and in the form of a T-shirt tied to a unique download code for the release. In support of the release, a listening session will be held at Motto Berlin, in collaboration with the Swiss magazine zweikommasieben.

Check out the cover art and tracklist for Bizaarbazaar #2 below.




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