Turell has been installing works in an extinct volcano in Arizona for four decades.

Kanye West is donating $10,000,000 to the James Turrell Art Foundation, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The money will go towards the Roden Crater Project, an extinct volcano in Arizona where light artist James Turrell has been installing artworks since 1977. The site had a profound effect on West when he visited last year, prompting him to call the space “life changing”, before asserting that: “We all will live in Turrell spaces”.

Turrell recently teamed up with Arizona State University to raise $200 million to complete the project, as well as to turn the crater into a “creative campus”, complete with ampitheatre and artists residencies. The 75-year old artist said that he was “thrilled” by Kanye’s gift at a “critical juncture of the project.”

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