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The compilation “reconsiders the graphic score and other means by which music has been codified”.

Label and artist platform C.A.N.V.A.S. has enlisted artists including Ausschuss, Flora Yin-Wong and object blue for a new compilation LP, Cipher.

The compilation seeks to reconsider the representation of music through the use of visual symbols, exploring whether the use of a graphical score upholds or neglects the human element of the authorship of music when said music is distributed.

Artists were invited to respond one of three tasks (which can be read in detail at the C.A.N.V.A.S. website), with object blue, Michael Speers, Flora Yin-Wong and Ben Vince all contributing work inspired by Japanese rock gardens, Ausschuss, Lugh and Xao creating music without the use of a physical graphical score and Ashley Paul and Olan Monk collaborating on two tracks based around snippets of audio exchanged by the two artists.

Cipher will be released on February 22 and is available for pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. Xao – ‘Quintal’
02. Flora Yin-Wong – ‘Murmures’
03. Ausschuss – ‘Frontier Control’
04. Michael Speers – ‘î Ë |I O Æ B’
05. Ashley Paul – ‘Sleep Walker’
06. Lugh – ‘Hot Mess’
07. Olan Monk – ‘Seph’
08. Ben Vince – ‘Fading In Panoramic’
09. object blue – ‘Fourteen Boulders, Fifteen Stones’

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