Written, hand-drawn and colored by Murlo himself.

Murlo has revealed more details regarding his forthcoming debut album, Dolos.

The album will be accompanied with a 36-page graphic novel, which was written, hand-drawn and colored by the multi-talented artist himself. “Each chapter of the book corresponds to a different track on the album”, says Murlo, “so this has been a totally new experience for me both musically and visually”.

Additionally, Murlo will release a series of 15 limited art prints, also hand-drawn and painted by the producer. Both the graphic novel and the prints will come with a free download of the album. Head over to his website for more details.

The producer has also shared the album artwork and tracklist, which you can check out below, as well as a new track from the album, ‘Fauna’- listen below.

Dolos will be released on February 22 via his own imprint, Coil Records, and is available to pre-order now.


01. ‘Evaporate’
02. ‘Fauna’
03. ‘Breeze’
04. ‘Herne’s Hollow’
05. ‘Romance’
06. ‘Ascension’
07. ‘Watching The Sun Through Eyelids’
08. ‘Let Me Feel’
09. ‘Ferment’
10. ‘Outer Body’
11. ‘End of the Road’
12. ‘Limbo’
13. ‘Furies’ Call’
14. ‘Goodbyes’
15. ‘Peace’

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