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Featuring striped long and short-sleeved tees, shorts and a ‘warm up’ jacket.

Earl Sweatshirt’s DEATHWORLD streetwear brand which, according to the label, “aims to deliver time-honored clothing for those who choose to speak profoundly, not loudly”, has dropped a capsule collection for spring.

The collection, which is “a response to the practicality and nostalgia of sportswear and the current sociopolitical state of this spinning orb”, includes striped striped long and short-sleeved tees, ‘warm up’ shorts and a ‘warm up’ jacket.

DEATHWORLD’s spring ’19 capsule collection is available now. For more information, head over to the DEATHWORLD website.

Last year Earl Sweatshirt released Some Rap Songs, one of our very favorite albums of 2018.

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