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An “international supernatural spooky music detection agency”.

Nihiloxica’s Spooky-J and pq have teamed up with Hakuna Kulala affiliate Ekhe to launch a new label, Spooky Shit.

The “international supernatural spooky music detection agency” is based in Kampala and the first project to be released by the label is Leg Fun, a new EP from Spooky-J.

The five-track release includes the off-kilter ‘woRite’, which sees the producer combining choppy vocal samples with eerie synths and frenetic percussion.

Leg Fun arrives on March 18 via Spooky Shit and is available to pre-order now. Check out the surreal artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘All That Yh’
02. ‘woRite’
03. ‘Chky Mvs On’
04. ‘Ft. wnk’
05. ‘La Nu Fond’

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