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The new software allows you to use your voice to translate your musical ideas from your head to your computer.

The Dubler Studio Kit from Vochlea Music allows you to use your voice as a live MIDI controller.

Consisting of two parts, the Dubler software and a custom USB mic tuned for the Dubler software, the kit is compatible with any DAW and allows users to create music and control sounds using their voice.

Dubler uses vocal recognition A.I. technology to learn your voice in 60 seconds, allowing you to trigger synths, drumkits, effects or filters with your own vocalizations in real time, thanks to the low-latency USB mic.

Additional features include live pitch tracking for synth control, the ability to sustain sounds, notes and samples vocally, responsive to changes to vocal velocity and additional control of pitch bend and envelope following.

Most notably, the software simultaneously talks to multiple MIDI channels, allowing you to create multiple instrumental ideas at once. Up to four MIDI mapping parameters, which could be anything from synth selection toeffects control, can be vocally controlled at once.

Vochlea smashed their Kickstarter goal of £40,000 in under an hour today (March 12), with the campaign set to continue for the next 35 days. Backers can opt to receive early copies of the software for a reduced price of £195, with the expected retail price at £300. Kickstarter backers can expect their kits to be delivered in mid-2019.

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