Britain, following Brexit, will not be represented at the EU-funded event.

EuroNoize, a Eurovision song contest-style event that will see 11 bands from around the world performing one song in front of a live audience, will take place at London venue The Scala on May 23.

The EU-funded event is described as a celebration of “music that runs deeper than national borders” and was set up by promoters Galia and Pil Kollectiv to “represent the secret international fellowship of ‘punx and weirdos’ stretching everywhere from Russia to Ireland”.

EuroNoize will be hosted by Ruby Waters, the drag alter-ego of Andrew Milk from the band Shopping and Kay Isgay of the band Homosexual Death Drive. Artists including Russia’s Asian Women On The Telephone, Ireland’s Sissy and Estonia’s Winny Puhh will perform at the event, although Britain, following Brexit, is not participating.

Tickets for EuroNoize are on sale now. See below for a full list of acts participating in the event.

EuroNoize 2019 lineup:

Asian Women on the Telephone (Russia)
Sissy (Ireland)
Hassan k (France)
Golden Core (Norway)
The Callas (Greece)
Winny Puhh (Estonia)
Tab Ularasa (Italy)
Felix Kubin (Germany)
E.P.P.! (Serbia)
Mauraudeur (Switzerland)
Johnny the Horse (Czech Republic) – tbc

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