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Bringing the two decade-long project to a close.

Leyland Kirby has released his final project as The Caretaker with the sixth and final part of his hauntological masterpiece Everywhere At The End Of Time.

The Caretaker project began in 1999 with Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroomwhich took Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining as a metaphor for mental health and the loss of memory. Each stage of Everywhere At The End Of Time, which began in 2016, was designed as an artistic reflection of dementia and the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Unlike the “Post-Awareness” stages four and five of the project, stage six “is without description”, and features four long-form compositions, ‘Confusion so thick you forget forgetting’, ‘A brutal bliss beyond this empty defeat’, ‘Long decline is over’, and ‘Place in the World fades away’.

The project’s conclusion is accompanied with an additional surprise album, Everywhere, An Empty Bliss, which Kirby calls “one last chance to raise a charged glass for those we lost along the way, for all the works, for those ghosts from our past, for our uncertain future and for The Caretaker”. The 17-track LP is available for free download until June 16.

The complete, 50-track edition of Everywhere At The End Of Time is available to download at the History Always Favours The Winners Bandcamp, with physical editions featuring paintings from artist Ivan Seal, who has contributed artwork for the entire series, available via Boomkat.

Check out the artwork and tracklists for both albums below.

Everywhere At The End Of Time Complete Edition tracklist:

01. / A1. ‘It’s just a burning memory’
02. / A2. ‘We don’t have many days’
03. / A3. ‘Late afternoon drifting’
04. / A4. ‘Childishly fresh eyes’
05. / A5. ‘Slightly bewildered’
06. / A6. ‘Things that are beautiful and transient’
07. / B1. ‘All that follows is true’
08. / B2. ‘An autumnal equinox’
09. / B3. ‘Quiet internal rebellions’
10. / B4.  ‘The loves of my entire life’
11. / B5. ‘Into each others eyes’
12. / B6. ‘My heart will stop in joy’
13. / C1. ‘A losing battle is raging’
14. / C2. ‘Misplaced in time’
15. / C3. ‘What does it matter how my heart breaks’
16. / C4. ‘Glimpses of hope in trying times’
17. / C5. ‘Surrendering to despair’
18. / D1. ‘I still feel as though I am me’
19. / D2. ‘Quiet dusk coming early’
20. / D3.  ‘Last moments of pure recall’
21. / D4. ‘Denial unravelling’
22. / D5. ‘The way ahead feels lonely’
23. / E1. ‘Back there Benjamin’
24. / E2. ‘And heart breaks’
25. / E3. ‘Hidden sea buried deep’
26. / E4. ‘Libet’s all joyful camaraderie’
27. / E5. ‘To the minimal great hidden’
28. / E6. ‘Sublime beyond loss’
29. / E7. ‘Bewildered in other eyes’
30. / E8. ‘Long term dusk glimpses’
31. / F1. ‘Gradations of arms length’
32. / F2. ‘Drifting time misplaced’
33. / F3. ‘Internal bewildered World’
34. / F4. ‘Burning despair does ache’
35. / F5. ‘Aching cavern without lucidity’
36. / F6. ‘An empty bliss beyond this World’
37. / F7. ‘Libet delay’
38. / F8. ‘Mournful cameraderie’
39. / G1. ‘Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions’
40. / H1. ‘Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions’
41. / I1. ‘Stage 4 Temporary Bliss State’
42. / J1. ‘Stage 4 Post Awareness Confusions’
43. / K1. ‘Stage 5 Advanced plaque entanglements’
44. / L1. ‘Stage 5 Advanced plaque entanglements’
45. / M1. ‘Stage 5 Synapse retrogenesis’
46. / N1. ‘Stage 5 Sudden time regression into isolation’
47. / O1. ‘Stage 6 A confusion so thick you forget forgetting’
48. / P1. ‘Stage 6 A brutal bliss beyond this empty defeat’
49. / Q1. ‘Stage 6 Long decline is over’
50. / R1. ‘Stage 6 Place in the World fades away’

Everywhere, An Empty Bliss tracklist:

01. ‘Loss of want back there’
02. ‘I might be vanishing’
03. ‘Empty beyond beyond beyond’
04. ‘Losing battle of loss’
05. ‘Advanced plaque camaraderie’
06. ‘All eyes bewildered’
07. ‘Glimpses of life denial’
08. ‘Equinox eyes will stop’
09. ‘Losing loss of battle’
10. ‘Plaque advanced despair’
11. ‘Benjamin beyond bliss’
12. ‘Drifting sublime hope’
13. ‘Minimal all you are’
14. ‘Internal unravel’
15. ‘Dusk memory fraction’
16. ‘Entanglement synapse ache’
17. ‘And bliss everywhere bliss’

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