“Play these ones loud.”

Manchester-based producer and DJ Anz will release a new EP on 2 B Real Records, the Local Action offshoot headed up by fellow Manchunian Finn.

Invitation 2 Dance collects four tracks taken from the producer’s incredible spring/summer dubs 2019 mix which, remarkably, features material mostly produced within the last month. Listen to a new track, ‘no harm’, below.

According to Anz, the EP is dedicated to “the frontline soldiers who turn up to every rave, every time”, as well as “all dancers from here and beyond, and to the boys who used to muscle me off the decks at house parties.”

Invitation 2 Dance drops on April 4 via 2 B REAL and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.



01. ‘No Harm’
02. ‘Helps Your Two Hips Move’
03. ‘But At Least We Have This’
04. ‘Invitation 2 Dance’

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