Big BANG! Theory Parts One & Two will be released in late April.

Improvisational noise and free-jazz group BANG! BROS will return to Hausu Mountain for a new double album.

Big BANG! Theory Parts One & Two is the result of the collaboration between core BANG! BROS members Arkm Foam and Mark Johnson with ex-Guerilla Toss saxophonist Andy Allen, combining mangled drum machines, ragged electronics and frenetic, improvised live performance.

Both parts of the project were recorded on the morning of July 7, 2018 during a live improvised session at Montana Big Boys Studios in Wyben, Massachusetts.

Big BANG! Theory (Part One) and (Part Two) will be released on cassette on April 26, with Big BANG! Theory (Part One) being available digitally on the same date and the digital release of Big BANG! Theory (Part Two) following on May 3.

Big BANG! Theory Parts One & Two is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklists of both releases below.


01. ‘Stellar Object’
02. ‘Luminous Blue Variable’
03. ‘Milky Weight’
04. ‘Snack Hole’
05. ‘Big Bounce’
06. ‘Jeans Instability’
07. ‘Traversable Wormhole’


01. ‘Big Rip’
02. ‘Eternal Inflation’
03. ‘Cold Dark Matter’
04. ‘Big Freeze’
05. ‘Naked Singularity’
06. ‘Big Crunch’

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