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The second instalment of the White Rats trilogy.

Broken English Club, aka Oliver Ho, returns to L.I.E.S with a new album, White Rats II.

The second instalment of the producer’s White Rats trilogy is a continuation of Ho’s post-punk and death metal-inflected take on contemporary techno. Ho cites J.G. Ballard’s Crash and the infamous west London prison Wormwood Scrubs as influences on the record’s dark sound. Listen to snippets from the album now.

The project marks the third excursion on L.I.E.S from Broken English Club, following his 2017 full-length The English Beach and the first part of the White Rats trilogy, which was released last year.

White Rats II arrives on June 12. Check out the cover art, tracklist and a trailer for the album, below.


01. ‘Our Savage Hearts’
02. ‘Domestic Animals’
03. ‘Grey Windows’
04. ‘Cold Medicine’
05. ‘The Chrome Disease’
06. ‘Vacant Cars’
07. ‘Exit Divine’
08. ‘The Modern Desire’
09. ‘Vermin’
10. ‘Psychology of Prisons’
11. ‘Wildlife’
12. ‘Waves in Silver’

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