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A dark trip through dembow, gqom, dancehall, deconstructed club, grime and more.

Mexican producer Wasted Fates returns to N.A.A.F.I with his second album, Turbio.

Incorporating sounds from the darker side of the global dance continuum, including dembow, gqom, dancehall, deconstructed club and grime, the producer enacts “a desperate quest for tonality” over nine tracks that invoke “everything that is turbid, or cloudy”.

According to the producer, the album is also an exploration of Mexican narcoculture, featuring “sounds that try to convey the stress of the drug wars that have been happening in the country for the past decade.”

Wasted Fates began working on the album in 2017, finalizing all nine tracks during the 2018 edition of Red Bull Music Academy hosted at Funkhaus, Berlin.

Turbio is available now. Check out the artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Clínica’
02. ‘La Excavación’
03. ‘Voltaico’
04. ‘Odalisca’
05. ‘Implosión’
06. ‘Mortífero’ (ft. Lao)
07. ‘Trastorno’
08. ‘Bestia’
09. ‘Neblina’

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