Featuring artists who have been included in the much-loved mailer.

CCL, Cruel Diagonals, Doc Sleep, Yamaneko and Violet are just some of the artists featured on Missives, a new compilation from the much-loved Bandcamp and SoundCloud mailer Bandcloud.

The compilation features original tracks from artists who have been featured on Bandcloud. Proceeds from the project will go to two Irish charities, The Ana Liffey Drug Project and homelessness and drug charity Merchants Quay Ireland.

Bandcloud is a weekly roundup of notable Bandcamp and SoundCloud releases selected by Aidan Hanratty. The weekly mailer was started by Hanratty in 2014.

Missives will be released on April 29. Check out the artwork and full tracklist below.


01. Yamaneko – ‘Dissolving All Ghosts Unknown’
02. CCL x Flora FM – ‘Winding Plod’
03. ACI EDITS – ‘[Untitled]’
04. Gadget and the Cloud – ‘Quiescence’
05. Blusher – ‘Snowy B’
06. Motoko & Myers – ‘Leaf Lottery’
07. Yakui – ‘Airycloud’
08. Violet – ‘Baby Doll’
09. Lee Kelly – ‘Forever In Doubt’
10. Persuasion – ‘Aidan’s Dream’
11. Debby Friday – ‘uplookingdown’
12. Doc Sleep – ‘Three Suns’
13. SDDS 3 – ‘HUP [2019 Mix Adjust]’
14. Cruel Diagonals – ‘Praxis ‘
15. James N Murray – ‘Silver Dollar’

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