Water For Your Eyes arrives on June 14.

Copenhagen-based label Petrola 80 will release the debut album from Merdh Laleh, aka ambient composer and multi-instrumentalist Valdemar Kragelund.

Water For Your Eyes is described by the label as “an ambient record inspired by love and the loss of it” and features electro-acoustic production from Kragelund, accompanied by saxophone player Maria Dybbroe and drummer Kristian Isholm.

The album follows Kragelund’s contribution to the 2018 Petrola 8o compilation Embrace, which featured his track ‘Restless Victory’. Petrola 80’s last release was the brilliant Scan, Deliver, from Danish duo Lyra Valenza.

Water For Your Eyes arrives on June 14 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Water for your eyes’
02. ‘A/not A breach, repeat’
03. ‘In katabatic wind’
04. ‘As Inanna’
05. ‘Wedde’
06. ‘Peripety’
07. ‘Bliss amidst unknown unknowns’
08. ‘Past perennial haze’
09. ‘Here you come again’
10. ‘H4twag’

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