The record was written entirely on a Roland TB-303, a TR-808, and a JX3P.

Veteran rave architect Luke Vibert will release a new album on Posthuman’s cult acid imprint, I Love Acid.

Valvable is I Love Acid’s 20th release, and was written entirely on three pieces of vintage analogue gear, a Roland TB-303, a TR-808 drum machine and a JX3P synthesiser.

In true I Love Acid fashion, the album will be a one-off vinyl-only release, with 808 copies on black, and 303 copies on mixed colour. Check out a livestream from a vinyl manufacturing plant in Taiwan and watch as the vinyl is stamped, cut, checked and cooled, all to the sounds of an exclusive preview mix of tracks from the album.

Valvable is available for purchase now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


A1. ‘Valvable’
A2. ‘Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas’
B1. ‘Whooda Thiunsquit’
B2. ‘Sharon’s Tone’
B3. ‘Arse Conference’
C1. ‘Armtits’
C2. ‘Megamiga’
C3. ‘I Will Always Hate You’
D1. ‘Stockhousin”
D2. ‘Gay Zing’

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