The latest exhibition from London-based art practice United Visual Artists (UVA).

Experimental composer Mira Calix and bioacoustician Bernie Krause will contribute music to OTHER SPACES, a major new immersive exhibition that will take place at 180 The Strand.

The latest project from London-based art practice United Visual Artists (UVA) will feature three large-scale installations: Our Time, commissioned by The Vinyl Factory and featuring music from Mira Calix, Bernie Krause’s The Great Animal Orchestra, a soundscape built from over 5,000 hours of field recordings of over 15,000 species of animal and Vanishing Point, a laser installation inspired by Renaissance perspective drawings by Leon Battista Alberti, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer.

UVA has collaborated with artists including Massive Attack, James Blake and Battles, as well as filmmaker Adam Curtis and choreographer Benjamin Millepied.

OTHER SPACES takes place at 180 The Strand from October 1 to December 9. The exhibition is free, and will be open from midday to 7pm Tuesday through Sunday.

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