A unique fusion of techno and industrial with North Mexican regional music.

Debit’s next EP for  N.A.A.F.I. sees the producer combining techno and industrial elements with tribal guarachero, a North Mexican regional music characterised by a triplet-driven beat and pre-Hispanic samples.

In Debit’s “reconstruction” of the genre on SYSTEM, the samples and high-pitched melody lines are absent, drawing the listener’s attention towards the timbres and harmonics of the beats instead.

The EP draws influence from the producer’s close-reading of Tzotzil literature, as well as her use of the Mayan language as a lens through which to interrogate unquestioned social phenomena, such as the alphabet or numerical systems.

SYSTEM is out on June 20 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the incredible cover art, designed by Mexican artist and designer Victor Barragán, and tracklist below. You can also revisit DEBIT’s killer FACT mix from last year.

Debit will celebrate the launch of the EP at Elsewhere alongside N.A.A.F.I. affiliates Zutzut and Fausto Bahia on June 21. Tickets are available here.


01. ‘The Alphabet’ [Feat. Javier Estrada]
02. ‘Encounters’
03. ‘My House’
04. ‘The Market’
05. ‘Medicine’
06. ‘Numbering’ [Feat. DJ Earl]

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