A collaboration with Berlin-based designer collective UY Studio.

Raster-Noton affiliate Dasha Rush will provide the soundtrack to ZONE 005, an audiovisual live performance inspired by the whirling dervishes of the Islamic sect of Sufism.

The performance is a collaboration with Berlin-based designer collective UY Studio, who have designed costumes for the 28 dancers taking part in the “contemporary spiritual ceremony”.

Historically, whirling dervishes perform a ritualistic dance as part of a religious ceremony, that sees participants continuously dancing in circular movements to reach an ecstatic trance state. ZONE 005 is contemporary response to this practice, linking dance, costumes, sound design and live visuals.

ZONE 005, soundtracked by Dasha Rush, takes place at Halle Am Berghain on July 5 , tickets are available now. For more information about the performance head over to their website or check out the Facebook event, here.

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