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Featuring Valesuchi, Marea, Julianna and more.

NÓTT, a feminist music collective based in Medellín, Colombia, has announced its first label compilation.

Austral features contributions from “Latin American women producers, who are opening a gap in the exploration and sound composition of electronic music”, including NÓTT founders Marea, Julianna and Andrea Arias, as well as Valesuchi, Sol Ortega, Kriss Salas more.

Austral arrives on July 11 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and full tracklist below.


01. Valicha – ‘Traido por el viento’
02. Valesuchi – ‘Los Mundos’
03. Bel_medula – ‘Amag’
04. Oo – ‘Land’
05. Ne/Re/a – ‘Burn the illusion’
06. Marea – ‘Isis’
07. Aleja Sanchez – ‘Macula Solaris’
08. Sol Ortega – ‘1843’
09. Julianna – ‘Viaje al meridiano’
10. Ana Maria Romano – ‘El suelo desde el viento’
11. Magdalena – ‘So this is it’
12. Kriss Salas – ‘Taking off’
13. Andrea Arias – ‘MFOS’
14. Lu Zero – ‘Paranoid’

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