Photo by: Richard R Ross

WAHALA arrives on August 2.

Next up on Purple Tape Pedigree is the new album from YATTA, described by the label as “an interdisciplinary artist, digipoet, and musician.”

WAHALA “is about being black, being trans, and being African on foreign land”, and sees the artist improvising over foreboding drone loops and experimental instrumentals.

“It’s about the tension, splitting, mania, psychosis, and depression that work like a symphony of Bop It!s to keep me alive”, continues YATTA. “It’s cyclical. It’s meant to be played in bed, and then at the club, and then walking down the street, and then back in bed.”

WAHALA arrives on August 2 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘A Lie’
02. ‘Blues’
03. ‘Cowboys’
04. ‘Bliss’
05. ‘Rollin’
06. ‘Sullivan Place’
07. ‘Francis’
08. ‘Galaxies’
09. ‘IWDFG’
10. ‘Shine’
11. ‘Underwater, Now’

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