The Copenhagen-based experimental label turns 10.

Astrid Sonne, Varg, Croatian Amor and Puce Mary are just some of the artists featured on Summer Storms, a compilation from Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation marking the label’s 10th anniversary.

Highlights from the compilation include new tracks from Vanity Productions and a collaboration between producer Frederik Valentin and Jonatan Leandoer127, aka Yung Lean.

The compilation follows the label’s Port Out, Starboard Home anniversary show, which took place back in May in various venues throughout the Danish capital.

Summer Storms is out now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. @skaeliptom2 – ‘Untitled (My Time Will Come)’
02. Astrid Sonne – ‘Water Creates Swimmers’
03. CTM feat JURA – ‘Journal’
04. Internazionale – ‘Blue Movement’
05. Kamil Dossar – ‘Odin’
06. Mini Esco – ‘Sperar’
07. Lust For Youth & Croatian Amor – ‘Feel Me Edit’
08. MC Boli ft. Ghost Lemurs Of Madagascar – ‘SUPRA MENTI TUTTI’
09. KYO w/ Jeuru – ‘Cold in This World’
10. oqbqbo – ‘Serial.ex’
11. Jonatan Leandoer127 & Frederik Valentin – ‘October Poem’
12. Croatian Amor – ‘Strong Heart Omoni’
13. Varg² ™ & Vanity Productions – ‘Hud’
14. Scandinavian Star – ‘Nassau’
15. Puce Mary & CTM – ‘Release (for Ezra)’
16. Age Coin – ‘She Nu Ina’
17. Vanessa Amara – ‘Fanfare in Celebration of Posh Isolation’
18. Vallmo – ‘Swept’
19. Xenia Xamanek – ‘Imprints of Her in Bars of House’
20. Soho Rezanejad & Frederik Valentin – ‘Music From the Terrace’
21. Vanity Productions – ‘Farewell Ezra (In Loving Memory)’
22. KhalilH2OP – ‘Redde Hinanden’

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