It arrives October 4 on his Axis label.

Jeff Mills has announced a new compilation, Sight, Sound and Space. Spanning 46 tracks across three CDs, the massive project is due for release on October 4 via Mills’ Axis label.

Sight, Sound and Space is the latest addition to Mills’ retrospective series The Director’s Cut which launched this past February. The compilation explores concepts such as the correlation between sight and sound, and the similarities between space and techno.

The first CD, Sight, is composed of tracks either made for or inspired by science fiction films and moving images, while the second CD, Sound, features tracks that have a “unique and specific type of sound”. The third and final part, Space, covers all works related to space, space travel and celestial entities. The compilation also comes with a 50-page booklet, titled And, in which Mills shares commentary and stories about its selected tracks. View the full tracklist below.

Space, Sight and Sound follows Mills’ latest album, Moon – The Area of Influence, which was released earlier this month to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing.



01. ‘Perfecture’
02. ‘Deckard’
03. ‘Le Mer Et C’est Un Caractere’
04. ‘Homing Device’
05. ‘The Never Ending Study’
06. ‘The Drive Home’
07. ‘Parallelism In Fate’
08. ‘Devices’
09. ‘Transformation B (Rotwang’s Revenge)’
10. ‘Sleepy Time’
11. ‘Multi-Dimensional’
12. ‘Descending Eiffel Stairs’


01. ‘The Hunter’
02. ‘The Bells’
03. ‘4Art’
04. ‘The 25th Hour (Unreleased)’
05. ‘Growth’
06. ‘Spiral Galaxy’
07. ‘Microbe’
08. ‘Jade’
09. ‘Where The Shadows Have Motives’
10. ‘Flying Machines’
11. ‘Compression-Release’
12. ‘Into The Body’
13. ‘The Resolution’
14. ‘Spiral Therapy’


01. ‘Introduction’
02. ‘Mercury (Residue Mix) (Unreleased)’
03. ‘Unreleased002’
04. ‘Unreleased003’
05. ‘The Industry Of Dreams’
06. ‘Stabilizing The Spin’
07. ‘G-Star’
08. ‘Planet X’
09. ‘The Worker’s Party’
10. ‘Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)’
11. ‘Outer Space (Unreleased)’
12. ‘Unreleased005’
13. ‘Self-Portrait’
14. ‘Aitken Basin’
15. ‘Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)’
16. ‘Medians’



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