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The streaming platform is setting some limits for free listeners.

Mixcloud has announced that it is placing some restrictions on free users of its streaming service.

Free listeners will now only be able to seek forward through mixes, will only be able to listen to the same mix three times within a two week period and will no longer have access to mixes that feature more than four tracks by the same artist or more than three tracks from an album.

The streaming platform explains that this is so they can “keep up with the costs of running a streaming service that puts artists and creators at its core”, as well as “to build a sustainable platform that will be here for you in the long term.”

The news follows the platform’s reveal of their new “fan-to-creator” subscription service, Mixcloud Select, and accompanies the launch of Mixcloud Premium, which will allow users to access all public shows across the platform without limits for $7.99 a month.

In a Medium post, Mixcloud breaks down how much of the monthly subscription goes on transaction fees, how much goes to the artists and how much goes to the company itself. Check out a handy infographic below.

For more information on Mixcloud Premium, head over to Medium. For more information on Mixcloud Select, check out our in-depth look at the service here.

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