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“Musical meetings in everyday environments”.

Back in 2017, Swedish artist and musician Lisa Nordström released an experimental audiovisual film project titled Sonic Sequence. The documentary follows Nordström as she travels to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus and Indonesia to conduct improvisational jam sessions, often in public spaces, with various local musicians.

This year, Sonica Sequence will be translated to album format by Sweden’s ajabu! records. Volume highlights eight of the film’s sonic discussions and features Japanese percussionist Mika Takehara and koto player Miki Maruta, Indonesian noise pioneer Woro, traditional Balinese orchestra Gamelan Salukat and Cypriate ensemble The Amalgamation Choir, an all-female choir out of Nicosia.

As Nordström writes, “After touring extensively for many years I now feel the need to integrate more with the places I visit. I want to take part and belong, not just perform my music on a stage. I had the idea that any setting and situation was a possible stage. When we record a session I feel like we are creating a live soundtrack for that particular space and place in time.”

Sonica Sequence is out now via Monoduo films and is available to stream in full below. Volume will be released by ajabu! on November 17. Check out the tracklist below.


01. ‘Crossings’
02. ‘Ohako’
03. ‘Field’
04. ‘Shrines’
05. ‘Zaki’
06. ‘Drops’
07. ‘Woro’
08. ‘Kafenio’

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