A modern take on Hindustani classical composition.

Ose, aka modular synth master Arushi Jain, re-imagines Hindustani classical ragas as twisted modular synth pieces on her new album, With & Without.

Training as a Hindustani classical vocalist in New Delhi since the age of 11, Jain’s contemporary musical practice consists of taking the ragas she grew up singing and “transforming them into something others can understand”.

Each of the four pieces on the album draw inspiration from classical ragas: ‘I Feel Incomplete’ is inspired by ‘Raag Bhairav’, ‘Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence’ is inspired by ‘Raag Bheempalasi’, ‘Just Like A Dragonfly’ is inspired by ‘Raag Aasavari’ and ‘Is It Love’ is inspired by ‘Raag Bihag’.

Jain is the founder of ghunghru, an experimental label, radio show and curatorial project based in San Fransico where Jain has lived for the last eight years.

With & Without is out now. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘I Feel Incomplete Without Sound’
02. ‘Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence’
03. ‘Just Like A Dragonfly’
04. ‘Is It Love?’

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