Photo by: Eleanor Hardwick

Inspired by her daily walks on the South Downs with her dog.

Meemo Comma, aka Brighton-based producer Lara Rix-Martin, will debut on Planet Mu with a new album, Sleepmoss.

Described by the Objects Limited founder as “a romantic eulogy to autumn and winter”, the album was inspired by the landscapes encountered on her daily dog walks, as well as paintings of William Turner.

Listen to ‘Tanglewood’, a new track that weaves together earthy drones, snatches of bright woodwind and knotty, organic sound design.

The album is intended as “a time for peaceful inner reflection, amidst the backdrop of British woodlands, dramatic skies and turbulent storms”, explains the producer. “Finding peace with mental health and being mindful of the beauty in death and endings.”

Sleepmoss arrives on October 25 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album cover and tracklist below.

Meemo Comma


01. ‘Reaping’
02. ‘Night Rain’
03. ‘Murmur’
04. ‘Tanglewood’
05. ‘Winter Sun’
06. ‘Amethyst Deceiver’
07. ‘Windross’
08. ‘Lichen’
09. ‘Meadhead’
10. ‘Firn’
11. ‘Sleepmoss’
12. ‘Psithur’

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